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    Mold Inspections & Indoor Air Quality Testing
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Home & Stucco Inspections of Georgia is fully certified and experience in mold inspection, indoor air quality testing and mold spore sampling. Indoor air quality issues can lead to illnesses including frequent colds, skin irritations, asthmatic conditions, decreased immune function, sore throats, respiratory problems, and even death in some cases.

We are experienced in tenant-landlord indoor air quality issues and act as a third party unbiased professionals to confirm or determine the indoor air quality of the home, apartment, or commercial strucuture, and to collect samples in a controlled environment for the laboratory. Your inspection includes a walk around of the property including the exterior, roof, immediate foundation areas, crawlspace or basement, attic, and interior to determine if moisture intrusion or water management issues are suspected. We also check the air ducts and air handler to obvious signs of significant mold. We make our recommendations regarding testing following the inspection.

Once samples are collected, we will send the sample with a chain of custody form to an accredited laboratory for analysis by an environmental hygienist. This usually take 3 to 4 days including shipping of samples to lab and the lab analysis. The lab will issue a report of findings identifying types and amounts of mold found if any, along with a description of associated symptoms for each type of mold found.

Upon our reciept of the report, we will include the lab report in with our detailed inspection report, along with recommendations for correcting the situation. We will then offer to put you in touch with a mold remediation contractor if requested, followed by a clearence test of the air quality following repairs.
plus $50 per 1,000 SF over 2,000 SF
Types of samples include:
-air sampling (2 samples minimum required for any single level home;
an additional sample is required for each separate level of the home)
-swab sampling (swab samples are taken to verify that stains are mold)
-tape sampling (tape samples are similar to swab sampling)
-carpet sampling (spores are collected via an air pump from the carpet to
determine if mold is present in carpet
-bulk sampling (cuttings from carpet. drywall, wood framing, etc. to
determine if mold is present

The mold inspection costs for a two story 2,700 SF home would be as follows:
$250 for the inspection and report
$375 for 3 air tests with lab report (1 outside baseline sample, 1 first floor sample, 1 second floor sample)
Total costs: $625 including supplies, shipping, and reports

Additional testing would be extra if required. We try to work with the Client on price and do not conduct any more sampling than necessary to obtain an accurate result.
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