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  Stucco Contractors & Home Inspectors vs. Certified 3rd Party Stucco Inspectors
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Before you hire a Stucco Contractor, uncertified "Stucco Inspector"  or Home Inspector to conduct your stucco inspection, Consider this...

  • Many stucco contracting companies will offer low cost or even "free" inspections, but do you want your home to be a "shopping list" for repairs, necessary or not, for an unscrupulous contractor?
  • Many stucco contractors are not certified inspectors or even certified stucco contractors.
  • We have inspected homes in the Athens area and elsewhere that other contractors have cleared as being free of moisture or defects, and have found $1000s and tens of $1000s in damaged areas, missing flashings, or leaking windows or other vulnerable components, unbenounced to the "Inspector-Contractor."
  • Many stucco contractors are unaware of the problems which cause moisture intrusion, even though they know how to install flashings and install the stucco coatings.
  • Most home inspectors are not certified to conduct stucco inspecfions and/or have no or little stucco training or experience. Home Inspectors are notorious for offering unfounded advice or missing multiple deficiencies all while leading their client to believe the stucco home is free of moisture and properly installed.
  • Many home inspectors and stucco contractors have moisture meters, but are not trained to use them or interpret the results. The truth is that moisture meters can give false positive and false negative readings, so experience and proper training is of paramount importance to either keep a deal together or prevent the buyers from buying a money pit!
  • Some home inspectors and stucco contractors own moisture meters or thermal imaging cameras  but have had no training on their use. A meter in the wrong hands is useless and even can kill a deal unnecessarily. We have came in after other "inspectors" or "contractors" after they labeled a home as full of moisture only to find they were testing components like masonry that will ALWAYS give false positive readings due to their normal moisture retaining characteristics. These "shysters" are dangerous and can cost you everything!
  • We NEVER accept gratuities or special favors by referrring clients to qualified stucco contractors, and we have no financial gain in finding anything wrong with the house. We only recommend necessary repairs.

Why hire a certified stucco inspector?
  • Moisture Warranty Certiifed and/or Exterior Design Institute certified inspectors are highly trained to detect problem areas, correctly test for moisture intrusion, recommend repairs, and ensure a proper repair has been completed according to industry standards.
  • 3rd party stucco inspectors have no vested interest and have nothing to gain by finding problems with your stucco home.
  • Moisture Warranty certified inspectors were directly involved early on with the Dryvit class action lawsuit and inspectors with older certifications problably were involved in one aspect or another with the original inspection and remediation protocol.
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