"David does outstanding work. He's a specialist in synthetic stucco and is worth every penny for home sellers and home buyers who are entertaining a Dryvit home. Take the guesswork out, and hire a PRO like David."
-Larry Mercer, Associate Broker
The Herndon Real Estate Company
Symptoms of moisture intrusion are often hidden and not detectable through  visual inspections or seen from interior walls, even for home inspectors, so home purchasers often end up purchasing a structurally damaged or environmentally unsafe home, often having to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to repair the damage; Or worse yet, living with these conditions for years, losing sleep at night or worrying with each passing storm, that their biggest investment is rotting away around them. Don't let this happen to you!

Didn't the Contractor ensure the stucco was right and didn't the home pass the county inspection?
Actually, most county inspectors know very little about stucco or moisture intrusion. And the Building code does little to addresss the issues associated with stucco or moisture intrusion.

Doesn't moisture intrusion only happen with stucco homes?
Actually, because the source of moisture intrusion has little to do with the type of cladding, but instead, is caused by improper or missing flashings, faulty or leaking windows and doors, roof or gutter issues, improper grade clearance, faulty plumbing, or even flawed building design, moisture intrusion can and does occur in all types of claddings and all types of buildings.

Early detection is the key, especially for stucco homes. Early detection can avert prolonged exposure, termite infestation, and mold contamination. "An ouce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," as the saying goes.

If moisture intrusion is occuring, won't I see the signs inside my home, such as moisture stains or wet drywall?
Not likely. Moisture intrusion typically occurs on the exterior side of the wall sheathing, just behind the siding, were it goes undetected as it gradually eats away at the wall structure. By the time the damage reaches the interior walls, it's too late! The wood structure and insulation acts like a sponge, soaking up and retaining the moisture until the damage becomes evident from musty odors or visible mold, staining, cracks in the structure or drywall, termite infestation, or even structural failure. There have been cases were homes became unliveable or required remediations in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, due to undectible moisture issues, lack of knowledge, or just procrastination. Moisture testing should be a part of every homeowners maintenace plan.

"David provided an accurate analysis on a stucco home we were considering purchasing. When others including our home inspector, did not feel comfortable commenting on the condition of the stucco, his thorough inspection and report gave us the information we needed to make one of the most important decisions of our lives. He kept in touch with us while we drove 6 hours to meet him and waited for an hour for us and took his time in providing expert detailed information on his findings, which actually saved us thousands of dollars because of necessary repairs that could not be seen with the naked eye. He also conducted a mold test for us as to the air quality. We greatly appreciate him taking his time to answer all of our questions. We highly recommend David's services to anyone purchasing a stucco home in view of all the problems many have experienced because of improper installation of the product. My husband is an engineer and was so imprressed with David's detailed report that provided section by section review of the entire exterior of the home. I can assure you that before we buy a stucco home, we will have an inspection by David."
-Mary Riley, President
Legislative Solutions & Former Cheif of Staff, S.C. Senate

"David did a complete Dryvit inspection on my home and on my business partners home . He was very thorough and provided a detailed report of this findings with recommendations for repairs. We were very happy with the results. I highly recommend David."
-Ashley Moorman, DDS
Advanced Dental Care, Valdosta
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First, we make 2 small holes using a hole punchThe we use a moisture meter to test the moisture content of the wood substrate behind the stuccoThis leaves 2 small holes which we will seal up with special sealantTest site holes are nearly invisible to the naked eye, once sealed
Click on Images Below to view Probe Holes
Missing Kickout Flashing allowing moisture intrusion Missing Kickout Flashing allowing moisture intrusion rotted out wall belowProper prefabricated plastic kickout flashing installedProper onsite contractor fabricated metal kickout flashing installed
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Selling a Stucco Home in Athens, Macon, Valdosta, or Savannah?
Getting a prelisting stucco inspection can do several things:
(1) Help you accurately price your home based on its current condition
(2) Reduce time on the market by alieviating buyer's fears of the unknown and debunking misinformation regarding stucco homes
(3) Know the current condition of your home so you can make needed repairs if necessary and then price your home accordingly
(4) Pick your own contractor on your own time and to meet your own budget and needs
(5) Prevent last minute renegotiations
Selling a Stucco Home can be a nerve-racking, stressful and discouraging experience, if, as a Seller, you have no idea whether your home will pass not only a home inspection, but a stucco, moisture intrusion, and/or mold inspection. No thanks to the media, most buyers come in with preconceived notions that stucco homes are a bad investment, are guaranteed to have tens of thousands of dollars of structural damage, and should be shunned. And...of course, everyone has an opinion or "knows someone who got burned" by buying a stucco home.

Actually, the truth is...stucco homes, particularly EIFS (synthetic stucco) has an excellent energy efficiency saving the home owner 20-30% in energy savings, is maintenance-friendly, and if installed correctly, has excellent weather resistance.

We are a solution-based company. We can come in and assess accurately, the condition of your stucco, make recommendations for needed repairs, make referrals, and guide you through the repair process. We are here when you need us and follow you through to a successful closing.

Don't take chances! Call Home & Stucco Inspections today for a stucco inspection in Athens, Macon, Savannah, Valdosta, Augusta, Warner Robins, Albany, Tifton, Lake Park, Hahira, Adel,  and in South Carolina, including Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, and Greewood.
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