Most Realtors highly recommend thier clients invest in a home inspection prior to purchasing their next home. The reason is simple. Less likelihood their client will purchase a money pit or unsafe home or property, fewer callbacks, and reduced liability for the Agent. However, most home inspectors know very little about moisture intrusion, stucco, or mold.

"Owning a moisture meter does not make a Home Inspector a Stucco Inspector!"

Savy Realtors now recommend stucco and/or moisture intrusion inspections for their clients, due to the possibilty of hidden issues that could be present. The reasons are clear, Buyers can learn about the property up front, before proceeding with the purchase, and can avert serious and litigious problems which may reveal themselves sooner, later, or even when they go to sell. With a moisture inspection by a qualified, experienced inspector, Buyers can also proceed with greater confidence and peace of mind.

For Sellers, having a moisture inspection conducted BEFORE listing their property can do one of two things: it can reveal problems which can be addressed right away using their contractor according to their budget and timeframe. Furthermore, if repairs are extensive, there is nothing worse than a potential buyer seeing an entire wall exposed with wood rot or mold, when they are already nervous about the pending purchase. The second advantage is that if no problems are discovered, there will be less chance of buyers remorse or trepidation, and the Sellers can ask a premium for their property.

Professional Image and Credibility
A professional inspection by Home & Stucco Inspections, with our detailed report helps lend credibility and image to the Real Estate Professional. It shows potential Buyers and Sellers that the Realtor truely has their interest in mind and by using Home & Stucco Inspections, you know the results will be accurate and data-backed. If problems should arise, Home & Stucco Inspections has the experience, knowledge, programs, and contacts to keep complicated deals together.

Quicker Sales
Homes can be priced accurately, which can help expedite the sale and result in a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Streamlined Negotiations
Upfront acknowledgement of any preexisting conditions already reflected in the sales price can leave potential buyers with fewer objections.

Warranty Option
Chances are, when a potential buyer sees our detailed report which reflects the scientifically data-backed condition of the home, particularly with any moisture intrusion issues, the buyers will likely have the confidence to proceed. But, if they need absolute assurance before proceeding, warranty options are available. Go to to visit our professional partner's warranty website.

"David Smith has provided  outstanding inspections for my    clients for years. His detalied
inspection reports and  photographs are so valuable when purchasing a home. As an Agent, I use him personally when I buy properties. He is top notch in the business!"
-Glenda Hyatt, Associate Broker
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"The MoistureFree Warranty has saved me again and again. I can now show stucco homes with confidence, knowing both the buyer and I are protected long after the sale. Homes that I would not have shown before now become very sellable thanks to the MoistrueFree Warranty."
-Constance Goins, Top Producer
Coldwell Banker, Atlanta, GA

"David Smith provides excellent, efficient, and prompt service. The ability to communicate with people is key in a client-based business. David possesses this trait with leaps and bounds. David is reliable and honest. As a Realtor, it is im-portant to maintain a good rapport with all your clients. In turn, you want to provide your clients with the name of an inspector that works for them and also under-stands the nature of the real estate world. David understands realtors, builders, new construc-tion homes, older homes, condos, etc. His knowledge is evident and this makes all parties involved comfortable and confident."
-Rebecca Shah, Top Producer
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"I’ve known Mr. Smith for  about eight years, both professionally and personally, and always found him to exhibit the utmost professionalism and integrity in every thing he undertakes. Mr. Smith is a leader in his field, and has been a respected member of the Athens area business/real estate community. As a real estate broker/developer, I have benefited repeatedly from Mr. Smith’s level of expertise and his uncanny ability to work through and solve difficult and challenging problems or situations with positive outcomes for all parties. Mr. Smith has a level of experience beyond his years and exercises an ongoing commitment to learning and professional education that keeps him at the top of his field. I am confident that, if given the opportunity, Mr. Smith will impress you, not only with his devotion but commitment to excellence."
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